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Developing Online App to Target Bullying in Schools

According to the guardian website,  an online app could be developed for children to safely report bullying in schools, under plans being considered by the education secretary, Nicky Morgan. Another phone app could be used to allow parents to sign permission slips for children’s school trips under the proposals, which …

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Eating Out? Don’t Do It Too Often

As a student, you easily eat out, there is nothing much you can do to help the situation. Maybe there is something that can be done about it because, I am going to ask you not to do it too often. Make plans and however difficult it might be for …

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Real Human Cyborg Could be a Reality

By definition, a cyborg is a person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. There are a lot of movies showing us human beings with super powers. We also know that they are Sci-fiction movies. But, what if real human cyborg …

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